Propanganda Remix

My lord!

“Little by little we seem to be trading our personal liberties for authoritarianism.”

The over-the-top paranoid screeching of the left never ceases to amuse me.

Note to the guy, he never said that the professor didn’t have the right to voice his opinion. In fact, he made it very clear that he acknowledged the professor did have that right.

His main complaint was that the professor did not then allow dissenting points of views counter to his own to be heard. It is common practice for professors to open up a “discussion” by expressing their own opinions and then allow students who agree to voice theirs as well, but suddenly, the moment student’s start expressing counter points of view, declare that there is simply no more time for discussion and that we must return to the subject matter at hand. Or to interrupt the disagreeing students and talk over them or to refuse to call on them or etc, etc. At such a point, where only one side is allowed to be heard, it does become force-fed “propaganda.”

Thank you guy for showing us just how easy it is to take the moral high ground on an issue when you don’t even bother to listen to what the person you’re arguing with has to say. Furthermore, to dissent is not

unAmerican. However, that does not emphatically mean that there is no such thing as anti-American dissent. The vast majority of dissenters are certainly pro-American and are only attempting to offer up what they think is a better course of action.

However, some (both on the left & right) do, overtime, slowly drift over and cross what is an undefined line between opposition/anger towards current American policy and/or our current policy-makers into an all out distain towards America itself and American values. This is especially common in academia. Ward Churchill, for example, definitely falls into this category. Now, to express anti-American sentiments is certainly not against the law or anything. The Supreme Court made it very clear in the Texas v. Johnson decision that the First Amendment does protect a person’s right openly hate America. It’s not even necessarily wrong in a black and white sense either.

However, those of us seeing/hearing these displays/rants, that don’t happen to like them, do also have the First Amendment right to call them out for what they are.

The right to voice dissent and criticism belongs to everyone.


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