Response to John Doe

On Tuesday, Taylor Eckstrom, a columnist for this newspaper who writes weekly op-eds which often pertain to his faith as a Christian, received a needlessly rude piece of fan mail entitled “Response to Eckstrom” that was bravely signed “John Doe” and printed in the student feedback section.

Here is how it began:

“Enough is enough! I’ve have heard enough of Mr. Eckstrom’s Christian-driven views. I understand he loves Jesus and that’s great but can he please save it for the church. Let’s talk about the injustice of the Bush Administration”

In other words, “Stop talking about Jesus! You’re wasting valuable space that could be used to bash George Bush. I must have my fix!”

And there you have it, a perfect snapshot of the prevailing attitude which permeates the atmosphere of your average university campus.

A place where conservative students are told that in the name of the First Amendment they must sit quietly without complaint while their self-important professors regularly waste upwards of 2/3’s of their class time ranting obsessively about how much they hate the president and middle America, yet your typical brat liberal student cannot even bring himself to tolerate a single weekly Christian column in the SNP which he does not even have to pick up and read.

And yes, I would still write in to defend him if he were writing about his faith as a Muslim, Mormon, Hindu, Jewish person or etc.



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