Where is the love?

Dear Editor;

As I sit here, in the library computer lab researching a paper that’s due next week, I can count three different students gabbing on their cell phones! Why is this? Does our generation have that much to converse about where they have to continue it in the one place where quietness is warranted? The one place that I take refuge to evade the very annoinances in which I’m subject to in my own home? I don’t understand this.

I suppose that the very same individuals who blab on their phones in the library are the same ones who litter, smoke in public restruants, play loud music at all hours of the night and race their cars/trucks around thinking they are the only ones in Huntsville, Texas. Help me understand this epidemic! Should I be more considerate to their wanting to converse in a public arena, blab about how drunk they got at The Fox or how they need the notes for their Texas History class because they were to hung over to attend it. Or should I just shut up and stop acting like a middle aged married person, who turns his/her cell phone on silent while he’s in the library or any public area for that matter.


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