Beef With Res. Life

Dear Editor,

I recently had a problem with a certain RM of a certain Residence Hall. Our floor had accrued almost $700 in fines. Well I just moved in the dorm last week and I am trying to keep at least my part of the hallway clean. So I pick up trash and stuff, big deal, if everyone did a little then it would not be a problem but that isbesides the point. So I am throwing away trash that happens to have empty alcohol containers in it. (which I don’t drink because of a personal choice) So this RM decides he wants to have some big cojones, and he cards me. Which would be fine except I have EMPTY containers, so he wants to hassle me. I tell him we have almost $700 in fines for my floor and that I at least do not want to have more fines.

So he hassles me and tells me I can only have one open alcoholic container and that I need to get rid of the rest because I could get in trouble. Well pardon me for caring about not paying fines. We do not all get to have our own room for free you know. Some of us actually have to pay for our rooms with our wonderful roommates and we actually have to payfines. So needless to say, I am pissed off that this guy is hassling me about throwing away empty containers that line the hallways. Next time I guess I just will not care but that just leads me to more fines becaues of other people. Residence Life is such a joke. They have some really bad employees. In fact, they are the worst department on campus. No one cares how bad they screw us, not even theassistant dean of students; she worked for them before she became dean! RM’s and RA’s do not have any clue what is going on because they all have their own little free private rooms with no fees, while the rest of us must pay for a room, the fees, but still get to enjoy the pleasure of a roommate. The whole department is out of touch with reality. Something needs to be done about this.

—Frustrated Bearkat

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