Into music for the Longhaul

Like Riverwest and Roger Creager before them, The Longhaul Band’s path began around Huntsville. A chance meeting in 2004 between singer/songwriter Jeff Butler and lead guitarist Adam Polzin left the two with the idea that their paths had crossed for a reason. This band, the most recent to catch the eye of Texas music fans, covers the spectrum from rock to country and even blues.

Polzin, who grew up on Led Zeppelin, AC/DC and Waylon Jennings, makes playing the guitar look simple. Butler, modeled after front man like George Strait and greatly inspired by singer/songwriters like Stoney LaRue and Randy Rogers, writes with a certain sincerity that can only be acquired with true life experience.

In 2005, the band came alive with the addition of drummer Travis Ray and bass player “Tank” Plunkett. Ray forms the backbone and the beat of the group, growing up with influences like Metallica, My Own I and Nirvana.

Tank brings it all home like a boat trip to Margaritaville with a laid back, no-worries attitude and more traditional influences like Alabama and Conway Twitty.

The fusion of musical backgrounds and influence contribute to their amazing sound and even more incredible live show.

Their hard work is paying off taking them through local venues, even to George’s Bar made famous by Pat Green. Despite the fact that the band is relatively young, they are beginning to catch the eyes of the Texas/Red Dirt music scene.

In the near future, they will be opening for Jason Boland on Wednesday night, Feb. 22 at Shenanigans, at Bell’s Camp in Trinity on Feb. 23, at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo in Houston on Feb. 24 and 25, and for Django Walker in a few months.

After seeing the band live several times, it is apparent they are breaking the habit of bands sounding good on their albums but bad live. They are great in person and if the opportunity arises to check them out, take it and you will not be disappointed. The Longhaul Band blends their diverse musical influences into some good Texas music.

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