Professor researches writings of Earl of Oxford

Who is behind the works of Shakespeare?

For centuries, people have researched this question and have found numerous answers from Francis Bacon to The Earl of Oxford to a team of writers.

On Tuesday evening, the record was set straight as theatre professor Ron Song Destro discussed his eight years of Shakespearian research in the Main Stage Theatre.

Destro, a first year professor, received his Bachelor of Art degree from the University of Southern California and then went on to obtain his Master’s of Fine Art from the Brooklyn College in New York City.

Eight years ago, Destro decided that he needed to stop everything and research the origins Shakespeare. He even made a trip to London to see official documents on the matter.

He studied with Kristen Linklater, a world renowned Shakespearian voice teacher, and Michael York, a well-known British actor who has had roles in many Shakespeare works.

“A better understanding of the author informs us of the hidden illusions in the plays,” said Destro.

“You get a greater depth and feeling from the works when you know about the man who wrote them. It only enhances the experience.”

Destro started his lecture by denouncing the idea that a lower class man from Stratford upon Avon by the name of William Shakespeare could have written such intriguing playwrights.

His extensive evidence included that the Stratford upon Avon Shakespeare had no record of any education. In fact, his parents and children were both illiterate. Records also showed that he did not own any books and there was not a library near him. (Odd for a man who invented so many words and had such a widespread vocabulary for his time.)

“So little is known about such a famous author and that in itself is suspicious to me,” said Destro.

Destro then went on to persuade the audience that Edward Devere, the Earl of Oxford, was responsible for the master pieces of Shakespeare.

He suggests that Shake-speare was merely a pseudonym or false name that Devere wrote under.

The Earl of Oxford was a well-educated man that even went as far as attending law school. His mother was a literary figure, and his father owned an acting company.

Records show that the Earl of Oxford did extensive traveling to places such as Italy and Denmark. His early works that were published under his real name resemble the style of Shakespeare.

Destro added that people tend to write about what they know and experience. Evidence reveals that the Earl of Oxford had an affair on his wife and that there was even a street fight where servants were killed over the forbidden affair. (Hence Romeo and Juliet.)

Destro went on to discuss other instances in Oxford’s life that are reflected in the works of Shakespeare. He also noted that some of the words that Shakespeare so-called “invented” show up first in the writings of Oxford.

Theatre major Holly Flannery said, “I don’t really care who wrote the plays because either way I enjoy them.”

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