Your handwriting may speak volumes

Sam Houston State University students had the opportunity to have their hand writing analyzed when Program Council, with the help of Ebony Debrow and Onaome Mukuro, invited Melinda Luke to the campus on Tuesday.

“[Analyzing handwriting] is an interesting hobby. A lot of times when you first meet someone, you can’t tell a lot about them. With handwriting you can find hidden characteristics that aren’t obvious,” Luke said.

Debrow initiated ‘Analyze This’ “to give the students the opportunity to learn more about themselves through their handwriting. A lot of people don’t realize how crucial their handwriting is. It really does say a lot about them. This program was designed to bring a new prospective to the students,” she said.

Debrow was pleased with the turn out because, in her opinion, it proved to her that students here at SHSU are not just interested in events that include free food, drinks and t-shirts. About 30-35 people showed up.

On the table, in which Luke was using as her “space,” she had a candle and crystals laid out. These were to “enrich the client’s experience. They give off positive ions to clear the air,” said Luke.

The process included writing a sentence on an unlined piece of paper. If you could not think of a sentence to write, Program Council provided an example that you could copy.

First she did some measuring of the imaginary lines, which you were to write on and the slants of some of the letters. She also circled various things like the dots on the i’s and the loops on the cursive f’s and g’s. She then told you what she gathered from that information.

“It was fairly accurate. She said I was very analytical, no nonsense type person and that I am forced to live in the moment like most college students,” said sophomore Danny Shaw.

Luke and her husband say they are somewhat nomadic people. With his job, they travel all over the country. While they were in Orlando, Florida, Luke took a position at an entertainment business and she learned to analyze handwriting free-lance. But that is not the end of her talents. She is also a dancer, psychic and face painter.

“I had a great time at Sam; it was very enjoyable,” Luke said. She also mentioned that the most amusing thing is her opinion was that most of the students used “their best poker faces, trying not to give an impression of themselves for an accurate reading.”

If you have any questions about Program Council, contact their office at or by phone at (936) 294-1763.

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