Lizard’s legends

Thursday night is as close to a night out as most SHSU students get during their week, but Tuesdays have been creating a stir in the Bearkat community with the popularity of quarter night hosted at other bars. Tuesday’s open mic night at Lizard’s offers more than just a place to drink and play pool but also a chance to sample original music performed live.

Lizard’s Tuesday drink special is $4.50 pitchers and not only is the entertainment free, but it is so impressive that you would overlook paying cover anyway. The overall vibe of the Lizard’s crowd and the music is diverse. Open mic organizer Colin De Los Santos estimates between 15 to 17 participants a week perform music from genres like acoustic folk, indie, punk and hip hop.

“I can’t believe this turnout. We have never advertised for this; people hear about open mic night by word of mouth,” Santos said.

Once you have experienced the undeniable talent at open mic night, you will want to return and continue to support these amazing musicians.

Lisa Jump, owner of Lizard’s, Rubber Ducky’s and Voodoo Tattoo, believes there is a lot of talent showcased at Lizard’s, and there are performers who have the potential to be successful musicians.

“This is the best open mic night I have ever seen and it’s in Huntsville,” Jump said.

Jason Nix plays almost every Tuesday night and is planning to move to the Dallas/Ft. Worth area to work on furthering his music career.

“I have met most my friends here. Before I attended open mic night, I didn’t know anyone and now I get to hang out with my friends every week doing what we all love to do: perform and listen to music,” Nix said.

Most of the performers and spectators are regulars but it is not hard to become one of them. Lizard’s patrons and bartenders are friendly and fun. Junior Brandy Wells has been going to open mic night since last semester and has already become familiar with the atmosphere.

“I know who to expect to see here. It’s a great place to meet up with old friends for a drink and make new ones,” Wells said.

Open mic night costs nothing to participate in but performer Adam Wiggins suggests you sign up early because the list fills up quick.

Open mic night usually takes place in the upstairs lounge area of Lizard’s but has been moved temporarily to the main stage downstairs.

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