Pro’s and con’s of Residence Life

I agree that Residence Life is the WORST department on campus. I do not think that all of Residence Life is bad; there are some truly good RA’s. Some people are actually helpful, while others are not. Residence Life and Financial Aid have the most problems of any department on campus. I can understand that Financial Aid would have problems, but Residence Life should not. Their motto is “We have nothing more valuable then our customers” resounds in my mind. Is that a statement saying that they don’t keep any cash lying around, or does that mean that they are supposed to care about their customers? From what I have experienced in my stay at SHSU, I think that there needs to be some sort of reforms done to Residence Life.

I think that it is horrible that such a simple thing as Housing and meal plans should cause this much trouble. You would think that someone would see all the problems going on and do something about it. As far as bad RA’s/RM’s go, where in the world are they when people are screaming down the halls at 2 a.m.?

As far as Frustrated Bearkat’s letter, why didn’t the person in charge tell you why they were hassling you? Why couldn’t they give you a quotation out of the Residence Life Handbook? They all expect us to know it line by line because they like to slam us with year round “contracts,” but they are not so keen on telling us why.

My guess is that this RA/RM didn’t know what the Residence Life Handbook even said so that is why they didn’t tell you anything. I think that RA’s/RM’s should be able to spout off that whole handbook if asked. They get their own rooms for free, why not make them work for it some more.

It is very easy to sit on a perch and pass judgment on others, but when you have to back it up with fact people are not so forthcoming with information.


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