Art students wave their arms in the air and bring some color to the world

The billboard at the art department has a new vibrant look.

Martin Amorous’ advanced drawing students spray painted the piece this week. The class originally broke up into two teams and split the billboard in half but as the project progressed the teams decided to work together.

According to painting professor Amorous, the piece is “very linear based” due to the arm movements involved in spray painting.

Senior graphic design major Ronnie Vivas said, “We started with the theme ‘A Little Bit of Color Makes a World of a Difference.’ We had initially put a globe in the middle of the billboard with one side monochromatic and the other colorful, but it just evolved into its own thing.”

The billboard now stands with swirls of color in the middle that seamlessly blend the color forms on one side and the monochromatic lines and shapes on the other.

Senior graphic design major Sarah Ervin said, ” It was my first time using spray paint, but I really like the arm movement that goes along with it.”

– Emily Peacock, Staff Reporter

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