Fountain ‘jazzed-up’ for a musical program

Lights, round tables and hot chocolate were the setup props for Program Council’s Jazz on the Lawn at Sam Houston State University on Tuesday. The staircase leading up to the Dan Rather Communications Building never looked so “star studded” as guest performer Epiphany and her band set up the outdoor stage. Mardi Gras beads, tattoos, rings, tiaras and candles were placed in the middle of each round table.

The concert took place this past Fat Tuesday and started after eight. The crowd was light at first but as soon as Epiphany’s back-up singers began to warm-up their voices, more people began to show up to the concert.

When asked about Program Council’s previous turnout rates, Black History Chair Doniella Miller said, “Some turn-outs are huge and other turn-outs are not huge.”

Program Council plans events and programs the semester before to ensure the event goes as planned.

An area for hot chocolate was set up with an information board about the organization. Students and onlookers were able to fix drinks and add whipped cream if they wanted.

Epiphany took the stage and started the concert with neo soul songs from India Aria and Jill Scott. Over 40 people showed up for the concert.

Couples and singles were inked throughout the event. Aria Wilson and Alex Ogunmuyiwa, a couple at Sam Houston, were ecstatic about being at the event and are advocate listeners of jazz and neo soul.

Epipthany then introduced the crowd with her songs from her CD, “Sahara.”

Willie Dean, a junior at Sam, knows Epiphany.

“She is a very talented woman and she has perfected her craft,” said Dean.

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