SGA Elections:

It’s that time of year again. The elections for Student Government Association are upon us. Starting today, prospective candidates have 10 school days to file their applications.

This year I’d like to see every Senate Seat contested. I’d like to see everyone who wants to be in SGA having to explain to Joe Public why they want to be a Senator. I’d like to see issues being discussed, student voices being heard and all that good stuff.

To have every Senate Seat contested we need 100 senators to run. Call it a Centurion Project if you will. Even if 99 out of 100 students are apathetic, I want that one person to run for a Senator position.

It’s your student government; it needs students who care and want to bring about change to make it work. It needs students who want to fight for students. The student government cannot help anyone if there is nobody willing to fight for students.

You can’t campaign until after spring break, but I challenge everyone who has ever complained about the way things are at this school to pick up an application and throw your hat into the ring. SGA can make a difference but it takes people willing to make that difference for it to work.

Information can be found in the SGA Office and on our Web site. The mandatory meeting for candidates will be on March 21. See you there.

By Christopher Whitaker

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