Women United to celebrate 50 years of ‘Diva’

The Sam Houston State University Showcase Theater will host performances of famous African American females that have impacted music on Wednesday March 8 at 6:45 p.m.

Presented by Women United and co-sponsored by Program Council and NAACP, Diva! Celebrating 50 Years of Black Women in Music will display exciting portrayals by SHSU students of singers from the 1950’s to present, ranging from Ella Fitzgerald to Beyonce’ Knowles.

“A lot of people have been anticipating this program. Although we did have to delay our original date, I think that it was worth the wait. Everyone involved has put in a lot of work, which will be evident.” said Women United president Salillian McDaniel.

The program not only offers the musical perspective from the decades represented but also a brief historical synopsis of the lives of African Americans at that time. All performers in the program are also costumed in clothes relevant to that time period. “We felt it was one of the more important parts of the show – the attire. When the idea for Diva! was presented, the costuming was almost as important as the music. It gives the feeling that the audience is actually there in that time period.” McDaniel said.

Admission to the event is free.

For more information about Diva! or Women United, contact Salillian McDaniel, Diva! Program Co-chair and Women United president at stdsxm15@shsu.edu.

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