Junior college transfer deals in place

After high school graduation, students pursuing higher education are faced with the decision of attending a university or staying home to attend a local community college. Whether the decision is based on personal or financial reasons, students attending community colleges are finding it easier to make the transition to Sam Houston State University.

SHSU recognizes the assets that transfer students’ posses and are increasing the number of Joint Admission Programs with local community colleges. These special alliances enable transfer students to make a smooth transition between community college and university.

“The Joint Admission Program started for several reasons. One is to increase the number of transfer students and too also ease the transition from community college into our university for transfer students,” said undergraduate admissions director Trevor Thorn.

Students who are not advised properly while attending community college could result in the loss of college credits during the transition between community college and university. The Joint Admission Program aims at helping transfer students eliminate that problem

“This was set up for students who have the ultimate goal of attending Sam Houston State. They will meet with an advisor at their college and also an advisor here at Sam so they know exactly what they need to take, so when a student transfers they do not lose any hours,” said Thorn.

Advantages of Joint Admission include after a students first semester at a community college they can begin to reap benefits of the program. Students can take advantage of the amenities SHSU has to offer such as using access to computer labs, the library, attend sporting events and will also receive a student I.D. just like our students.

Students who are enrolled in this program qualify to receive their associate’s degree, while pursuing a bachelor’s degree at SHSU.

“Students can achieve two degrees along the way.” Thorn said. “Once you have completed enough hours to complete the associates degree, we will transfer your hours back to the community college and they will award you with an associate’s degree even though you were not attending that college, then the hours will transfer back over here towards a bachelor’s degree.”

The current community colleges working with the Joint Admission Program include Blinn Community College located in Brenham and NHMCC (North Harris Montgomery Community College). Currently, there are a total of 4,448 transfer students from these two campuses, 2,996 of those students transferring from NHMCC and 1,452 from Blinn.

“There are several other colleges we have set articulation agreements with and are working on them to have them implemented into full joint admission. Eight or more are in the works,” said Thorn. “Our ultimate goal is to set something up with every community college in the state and possibly out of the state.”

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