Sci-fi thriller “Ultraviolet” gives innovative glimpse into future world

I am pleased to say that I have actually found a movie that is good. After seeing the previews for “Ultraviolet,” I was really hoping that it was not going to be a disappointment. Thankfully, I really enjoyed this film and it was highly entertaining.

Set in the twenty first century, a new subculture of humans now exists, except they are super humans with highly advanced abilities. They have been genetically modified and now more people are making the transformation.

Violet (Milla Jovovich), a super human herself, knows that she must take action when she discovers that the government has created a weapon to destroy her race. She poses as another person and slides her way into the highly secure government facility. Violet finally reaches the weapon and is given orders to never open the case. Just when she thinks she is in the clear, the person that she is posing as tries to check into the facility. Mayhem then ensues while Violet shows the killer that she really is.

She escapes the facility unscathed and goes to deliver the weapon. Yet curiosity gets the best of her, and Violet decides to open the case. To her surprise, she finds a young boy inside. He goes by the name Six (Cameron Bright) and was raised in a laboratory. Violet does not understand why he is so dangerous, but she soon finds out that it is in his blood.

Her mission from here on out is to protect Six at any cost because she believes that within him there is a cure for her condition. Different twists and turns follow, and Violet ends up killing enough people to start a new country. Well, maybe not that many people, but she killed her fair share.

“Ultraviolet” was a fun film that kept my eyes glued on the screen the entire time, except in the moments when I looked at my friend in awe of fight scenes. Its cinematography was amazing, and I really enjoyed it. This film has lots of replay value and quality.

One element of the film that I was not entirely pleased with was the extensive back story at the beginning of the film. They mentioned so many things in order to try and explain why they were in their current situation, but they failed to expand upon it. The information they provided in the beginning could actually be another film in itself, and it would fully explain their society.

I highly recommend this film to anyone. It was action packed and really fun at that. Also, I recommend going to see it on the big screen because that makes the experience amazing.

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