Senior helps SHSU students relax

Good morning! I just wanted to give students and faculty some information on a well-needed service provided in our wonderful town of Huntsville! My name is Jennifer Walters, and I am a senior here at SHSU, graduating after this semester (WHEW!), but now that the spring semester is back in full swing, it is time again for students and faculty alike to get stressed out.

I have found a quick and very efficient way for students and faculty to “chill out!” It is called “Aqua Massage” and you can find an AquaMassage unit at Tan Ya’s tanning salon next to Farmhouse Cafe’ close to campus! I was looking for something relatively inexpensive and quick (I am a full-time student, wife AND a mom of a very energetic 13 month old daughter), and the AquaMassage is really incredible. If you like traditional massages with a Massage Therapist, you’ll LOVE this! Or if you don’t like them because of the privacy factor, then you’ll really love this!

You don’t have to remove your clothes, it’s super quick, and there are no messy oils or lotions to worry about. You simply climb in the unit, lay down, put on the headphones and relax. The sessions are 10 and 15 minutes, so you get a great massage in a fraction of the time it would take for a traditional massage. Get pampered on your lunch break!

I had a 15 minute session for the first time yesterday, and I truly was so calm and relaxed afterward. Tan Ya’s has individual sessions to purchase as well as packages that save you a great deal of money. Check it out. It’s awesome! Tell them Jennifer sent ya! Welcome back to SHSU for the semester! GO KATS!!!

–Jennifer Walters

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