Students battle with bones for prizes and for fun

About 20 students showed up to the Program Council domino tournament last night in the LSC dinning area. Students played for a chance to win an iPod Nano, a portable DVD player and a digital camera.

Donielle Miller, black history month chair, said that she chose the activity of dominos because, “It has been played frequently through the African American culture.”

Miller also said that she thought that dominos would be a fun and relaxing game for students.

“There was no pre-signing up required students just have to show up and play.”

This was the first time that Program Council has put on a dominos tournament and Miller said that if all goes well they might have one next semester.

Junior Ernest Riggs and freshman Brandon Price said, “We just came to play dominos and have a good time.”

Riggs also added that he has been playing dominos for his entire life.

Kendrick Crumedy, a junior history major said, “I came to win the iPod.”

Four players were assigned to each table and the winner of the table goes on to the next round. This continues until there are only two players left.

Domino player Amberleigh Ficklen, said “I’ve been playing dominos since I could count!”

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