Hawthorne Heights release sounds different in positive way

On February 28, 2006, Hawthorne Heights released their second album, “If Only You Were Lonely.” Before this album they had the “Nine Reasons to Say Goodbye” EP and their debut album “The Silence in Black and White.” Being a fan of Hawthorne Heights, I was hoping that their second album would be just as great as their first.

Hawthorne Heights is a five piece band, three guitars, a bassist and a drummer. They have been playing together since June of 2001 but have not always been known as this. Their original name was A Day In The Life, yet this changed as the band began to progress and mature. As far as band members go, JT Woodruff is the lead vocalist and guitarist, Casey Calvert is a back up vocalist and guitarist, Micah Carli is a guitarist, Matt Ridenour is a vocalist and bassist and Eron Bucciarelli is the drummer.

When I first started listening to “If Only You Were Lonely,” I have to say that I was quite confused. It did not really sound like the Hawthorne Heights that I was use to hearing. It was much mellower and lacked some of the “screamo” genre that I was accustomed to. I kept listening though and was relieved to hear the all familiar screaming towards the end of the first track. Hawthorne Heights fans should understand what I mean by this.

Most of the album is very different from what you would have expected. In fact, it takes some getting use to. Once you give it some time though, it really begins to grow on you. I really enjoyed how Hawthorne Heights broke out of what you expected to hear from them. Changing things up from time to time is always a good thing for a band because no one wants to hear the same repetitive thing.

Overall, I am very pleased with this album. There is not one song that I did not like.

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