Fling’s end:

This entire week Program Council has been putting on daily events for their 2006 Spring Fling. From comedians to movies, Program Council has done a great job at covering a broad area of interests. Tomorrow the final events will take place for this year’s Spring Fling, and you could not ask for a better grand finale. A live concert right outside Austin Hall should add the final touch to the “best week ever.”

Four bands will be playing tomorrow night beginning at 7:00 pm. The lineup includes Makeshifte, Por Victoria, Auto Escape and Foreign Oren. I have heard of a couple of these bands, but I have never really heard any of their music. To solve this issue, I just checked out the only music source for this day and age, MySpace. You may laugh, but it really is the easiest way to hear some music that you could not hear elsewhere.

Makeshift is a rock/alternative group from Houston, Texas. This five piece band currently has an EP title “Unsaid” out and has just started an acoustic tour this March called Listen, Love it, Add-ict. As far as their music goes, they may be classified as rock, but I think they have a slight “emo” twist with their vocals and sound. I really enjoy their music though, and I am looking forward to seeing them live.

Next up is Por Victoria. This rock/alternative, five piece band comes right out of Huntsville, Texas. They may not have a record label yet, but I think they have the potential to. You can still hear some inexperience in their music but that will fade away as they become more mature as a band. I am not sure how long they have been together, but in time, their music should get even better. I do like their music though because it is interesting.

Auto Escape is a four piece band out of Dallas, Texas. They definitely have a rock feel, but there is something about their music that is catchy. I am really liking their lead vocalist. His voice goes really well with the sound and feel of their music. They may be lacking a label at the moment, but I have no doubts that they will soon. Auto Escape currently has two EP’s out and hopefully there will be an album soon.

Finally, we have Foreign Oren. They are a four piece band that is also from Dallas, Texas. Their rock/alternative genre is refreshing and some what unique. I have really enjoyed their music and look forward to seeing them live. At the moment, they have an EP out and are shooting to release their album sometime in 2006.

One thing is for sure, Program Council put together an awesome lineup. If all of these bands sound just as good or better live, then this show is going to amaze everyone there. I highly recommend that everyone join me at 7:00 pm tomorrow night outside Austin Hall. This is going to be a show that you will not want to miss.

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