Lasting impression

Every true fan does it. They question. At the end of the season, the questions pop up in your head till you can’t take it anymore.

What could we have done different to win the game? What if we made that three pointer to tie the game at Northwestern?

For me, the questions about the basketball team started immediately. And those questions weren’t helped when Northwestern State beat Iowa in the tournament.

You gaze off into space and wonder aloud if we could have taken any teams down. And you answer yes repeatedly. But ultimately, those questions can’t be answered until you get there.

Coach Marlin still questions it. Just the other day, I had a chance to sit down and talk with him about the season. We were chatting about the tournament, and then he stared off into space and began talking about the loss to Florida in 2003.

Just by looking at him stare off into the distance, you knew that he was instantly transported back to that game in Jacksonville. Is this the torture we put ourselves through as fans? Do we constantly question ourselves until we get it right and make it to “The Dance?”

In the end, it really depends on the team in question. I watched them scrimmage each other earlier this week and felt instantly better. Here is a team that was a breath away from the tournament, working out as if the season were still going on. I love that about these guys.

They just lost a heartbreaker, but they are still the loosest team in the league. There are still the inside jokes I don’t get, the practical jokes and the fellowship that makes them a team.

Am I satisfied with the season? My goodness yes. Will I continue to question what could have been? You bet…that is, until we make it to the dance.

Then if I’m lucky, I’ll have all my questions answered.

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