Love, or something like it

With relationship books and self help advice flooding the shelves of bookstores and making the top 10 list, you’re making the authors and publishers of these books rich! Students, Jennifer Alexandria and Wes Smith will tackle these problems and ask the tough questions that you are afraid to ask.

W: Why the heck don’t women trust men?

J: What do you mean? You lie, cheat and continually prove that we shouldn’t trust you. Why SHOULD we trust you?

W: Because not ALL of us are jerks. You ladies don’t know a good thing when it bites you in the butt, and you wind up losing out on the good, reliable men just so you can fill your quota. It’s ridiculous to think that YOU think that all men are creeps. Sometimes the person that would treat you the way you are supposed to is right underneath your nose, but you are so caught up in other things that you don’t realize it. SometimesI wonder if your eyes are even open.

J: Guys buy girls drinks at the bar and then want to take them home after the bar closes. They say they will call and then don’t. We cannot trust until you prove that you are worth the heartache that would come after we trusted you and then you disappointed us.

W: I can understand that, but those guys are the ones who are jerks. There are always diamonds in the rough that you have to look hard for. Just a little hint: The guys that don’t go to bars are usually the reliable ones. Look around, you will find them and they will care. I promise.

J: You’re missing the point. Just when you think you CAN trust, they let you down. For instance: You upset me. I tell you what upset me and you do it AGAIN! I tell you that you did the same thing and please don’t do it anymore and YOU STILL DO IT! Point and case.

W: Guess what thoughall guys are letdowns! All of us! There, the secret is out! But you know what, women are just as much letdowns. To find one that doesn’t let you down as much and will always bail you out of a pinch.

J: You just described a friend. In a man you need more than that. I can call any of my friends to bail me out! You cannot turn this on us!

W: But wouldn’t you want your “man” to be just as good of a friend? I mean, come on, any girl can run down the bar creep ladder and meet the pick of the litter, but guess what? They are mostly losers! Those are the ones who don’t call, they are the ones that lie and they are the ones who would eventually get bored of you and cheat on you. Not all of us do that though. And here’s the thing, YOU usually don’t have to look, they find you.

J: So the guys you’re talking about are the ones that stay in the library, play video games all day or just hang out at their house? Not that any of those things are bad, but I want someone who goes to the bar and can have fun at the bar! People who start out as friends usually end up as friends

W: We can go to the bar. Trust me when I say that I would much rather you and I watch a movie in sweats then go out and cause trouble. But, that doesn’t mean I couldn’t be YOUR arm candy when you go to the bar. (Occasionally) It’s not anti-social, it’s pro-spending-time-with-you.

J: Whatever!

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