Parents weigh school options alongside their children

The steady increase of tuition and fees for a four year university have parents and students taking a harder look before applying. Saturday at Sam Houston State University proved to be more than just a preview of the campus.

The physical quality of the campus is not the only thing that students and parents look for when they come to see the Sam Houston campus. Students and parents want to know if the cost to attend the university is worth the money. According to Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts from fiscal years 2002 to 2006, average tuition and fees at public universities increased 61.4 percent. Sam Houston tuition and fees increased $10 from Spring ’05 to Fall ’05. Texas A&M University, a neighboring university of Sam Houston, tuition went up 26 percent according to “USA Today.”

Margaret Moreno, a senior at SHSU remembered the time when she was visiting Sam for the first time and all the many questions that ran through her mind. “Perspective students want to know the ends and outs about the physical quality of a campus. What the campus looks like? What type of food amenities is available; if the campus has traditional dorm or apartment style housing and most importantly how much is it going to cost,” said Moreno.

Saturday at Sam begins in the morning around eight. Throughout the tour, students and parents learn more about the campus and all it has to offer.

Kathy Hemswell, a parent attending Saturday at Sam said, “Yes it is important for my child to like the look of the campus but the look of the campus is not everything. I need to know if my child is going to get the best education without breaking my bank.”

Community colleges were also affected from the state cut in Texas but have noticed an increase in students. According to the TCPA, community college has had over 100,000 increases since 1999.

Blake. K. William, a high school student attending Saturday at Sam said, “New college seekers are looking for options. Not everyone wants to take the four-year plan.”

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“Classrooms are no longer filled with students at desks reading books and answering questions at the back of the chapter. Teaching can be exciting through the use of videos, interactive projects through the Internet and hands on activities that challenge students both academically and creatively.”

When asked if traditional education students are better than their non-traditional alternatively educated ones Dr. Johnson said, ” Whichever way you go you bring different things to the job. A student who made a decision early to be a teacher brings youthful enthusiasm to the job. Someone who decides on teaching as a career change brings maturity and perhaps some parental knowledge and experience.”

There are approximately 200 students enrolled in the alternative program, which takes about a year and a half to complete. It allows students to teach while they attend classes, which means you can still get a paycheck while becoming certified.

If this is an idea that interests you check out SHSU’s Spring Teachers Job Fair in the Bernard Johnson Coliseum Wednesday from 12:30-3:30 p.m. Students are encouraged to dress in business attire.

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