City elections also important

Vote, yes the SGA elections and the City of Huntsville elections are coming upon us. This article is not about the SGA elections, it is about something more important, the city elections. May 13 the polls will open at 7 a.m. and stay open to 7 p.m. to elect a new city council. I am Ray Martin; some of you know me through my work in the SGA, but more probably as a classmate. I am running for the City Council At-Large Position 3 to represent not only the people of the City of Huntsville but also the student body, faculty and staff at Sam Houston University. Through the SGA I have worked on a shuttle and mass transportation system for the city and the campus, I have also worked to get crosswalks at Ave I and Ave J, and to get added parking. I have worked with many good people in the SGA and there are good people working for the student body. Remember to vote in the SGA elections and also to remember to register to vote in the city elections coming in May.

Thank You,Ray

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