New gender gap growing on campuses across nation

Where have all the good guys gone?

On campus at Sam Houston State University women outnumber men not quite two to one but statistics show a significant enrollment increase of women to men.

This past fall, 59 percent of students enrolled were women while only 41 percent were men. SHSU is not the only college experiencing the trend.

Aggies and Longhorns are seeing an increase in women on their campuses as well.

Sixty-two percent of students at Texas A & M in College Station are female while roughly 37 percent were male and the University of Texas in Austin boasts a 51 percent female enrollment rate compared to 49 percent for males.

A “USA Today” article reported that in 2005, women overall made up 57 percent of college students.

While many applaud the trend and celebrate the statistics as another step towards equality for women, some wonder if there is cause for concern.

Educated men are necessary and even though a Supreme Court ruling in 2003 ruled out preferential treatment in schools based on race, schools could consider race as well as gender as one of many factors because achieving diversity on campus is an important goal.

Because of this ruling, the University of Washington recently started a college-prep program for boys in addition to programs that support women only. Dean of admission at Swarthmore College Jim Block said in “USA Today” that the college would not admit a male over a more qualified female candidate but that they do try to build a diverse class.

A variety of reasons are cited as to why men are not showing up in colleges and universities including a higher drop-out rate in males, over-prescription of Ritalin and other mind-bending drugs to boys and the simple fact that three out of four learning disabled students are boys. Classes in universities are geared toward a female learning style, which does not help the dwindling male population.

As for SHSU and its dwindling male population, we all know a boy who is struggling, what we may not know is how to help. The Student Advising and Mentoring Center in AB4 room 210 offers a number of programs to support students and find what works for them.

Several phone calls to the Dean of Admission concerning a possible SHSU population crisis were made prior to the printing of this article but Dean Trevor Thorn was not available.

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