PC concert success

On Friday, March 31, Austin Hall was the place to be. People started gathering around the pit nearly an hour before the concert started. As the bands began to practice, the anticipation of the crowd could definitely be sensed. It was countdown until kickoff time.

Por Victoria started the night off and set the stage for what was to come. I must admit that they performed much better than I expected them to. Before I had said that you could hear some inexperience in their music, but those speculations dissipated as I listened to them playing live. Their music is entertaining and was all the more interesting when I found out that they double for the Chi Alpha praise and worship band. I respect the stand that they take because it is not always easy to do. If they keep up the quality of music that they are playing now, they have the potential to go far.

Next in the line up was Auto Escape. From the minute they took the stage, I was captivated. There is just something about their music that is catchy, unique and amazing. This band just nails every single song and has such an awesome stage presence. They were even better live than I honestly expected. Auto Escape is just beginning to spread outside of Dallas and have recently released their second EP, “Turn It Off.”

This CD is absolutely amazing, and I just can’t seem to get enough of it. They also put it out themselves and put countless hours of work into it. “White Roses” is probably one of my favorite tracks. I definitely will be looking for more shows to go to for them.

The third band to perform that night was Makeshifte. They were by far the most active group of the night. You can definitely tell that they like to have fun, whether it is on stage or off. As far as their music goes, I thoroughly enjoyed their performance. All of their songs are entertaining and unique, and one of my favorite songs of theirs is “Footsteps.”

This band is amazing live, and they do a great job at drawing in the crowd and getting everyone involved. I also want to go to more of their future shows.

Foreign Oren was the final performance for the night. Compared to the rest of the bands, they were much mellower. They were still really good though. I enjoyed their unique sound and stories they told on stage. They just seemed to tie everything together and sounded complete. You can definitely hear the maturity in their music and see that they are well experienced.

When the night had finally come to an end, old fans were pleased and a new fan basis had formed. All of these bands performed very well and were highly entertaining for everyone who went to the show.

Program Council did a great job at appealing to different tastes and putting together an amazing line up. Hopefully there are more concerts of this caliber to come.

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