Houston fans the worst?

I never really had anything against the city of Houston. I remember it being a city south of where I lived. No more, no less.

Then I moved here.

Now, I can’t stand it. I’ll be completely honest with you; I think I hate the stupid Astros more then the Yankees. (And by the way, when you run spell-check on your computer, “Astros” is not even a word! It’s not in a dictionary!) What is the giant deal with this city and their sports teams? And what is the deal with calling yourself “Clutch City?”

But now, I will be bombarded with hateful comments. And you know what? Bring it on. I’m so sick of your obsessing over a stupid team that choked in the playoffs last year.

The Astros are nothing. The city is so huge that it’s no wonder that it consistently finishes as one of the fattest cities in America. And guess what, you were never clutch!

The only championships this city won were with the Houston Rockets, back-to-back titles, no less.

Oh, but there should be an asterisk next to those two titles, because the greatest player that ever laced it up retired for those two years. That’s right, you have to wait for Michael Jordan to retire to make a move.

And I know that I will get it from people. I can just hear it now, “Brian, you are obsessed with the city of Detroit, and the Tigers haven’t won in forever.” My comeback is always, “Well at least I’ve seen my team win a World Series.”

And guess what I have! It’s a great feeling that you will hopefully never experience.

The comment of “you’re living in the past” is something I’ve always loved. Because, lets be honest: I’d rather have a glory-filled past then no future whatsoever. And that is the current state for Houston. No future.

I obsess over the city of Detroit and their teams because I lived there.

I lived through tough times (i.e. no money, bad neighborhoods, “Demon Night”) and I want the city to pull through because it is so close to ripping itself apart with hatred that they need something that everyone can rally around.

Karma is real and it comes back to bite Houston.

You want to win for selfish reasons, for your own personal sense of self-satisfaction. In Detroit, we want to win so that the drama will stop, if only for a few days. That is why we win.

One last note. The highlight of the last year for me was watching the NLCS game 5 where Albert Pujols ripped that homerun to essentially win the game. I swear my roommate Russ and I have never rewound one moment so much in Tivo history.

It’s karma Houston, maybe you should start paying attention.

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