Album reviews for April

For something new in the entertainment section, we have decided to periodically feature sets of short album reviews. As it is obvious that my field of interest is somewhat limited, please feel free to submit your own short album reviews to appear in this section. If the material is appropriate, fair and of the right length, I will publish it the next time reviews appear.

Hailed as “the next big thing” by and called lyrically “intelligent” by “Alternative Press Magazine,” Roses are Red’s music is an interesting mix of beauty and strength that is worth paying attention to. “Conversations,” released by Trustkill Records in 2004, is only now getting recognition, with one of the songs, “White and Gold,” appearing on the 2005 Warped Tour Compilation. One of the other potential hits on the album is “300 Motion Pictures.”

The third major release for the group, Atreyu’s “A Death-Grip on Yesterday,” takes the group beyond the metal core image that made them popular to begin with to a whole new level of pure, unadulterated talent. This album is amazing from beginning to end, with the first single, “Ex’s and Oh’s” being entirely worthy of the praise it is currently receiving. According to, “Atreyu has fine-tuned their craft even more and have created one of the best albums of 2006.”

A Fall Farewell makes its mainstream debut with “Where Us Trouble Befalls and the Secrecy Enthralls.” The first single, “Steve Sanders VS. Andy Dick,” really is not that bad, a reminder of old Hawthorne Heights if they would have calmed down a little bit. Guaranteed to tick a few people off with a couple of its song titles, this album displays half potential greatness, half room for improvement. For more information about the group, visit

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