SGA candidate stresses awarness

I’m Christopher Whitaker, and I’m running for Student Body President with my running mate Melissa Johnson for VP. But you knew that. What you may or may not know is that your student government is about to get a lot bigger. This year we have a record number of candidates running for office and that’s good news for the student body. With fresh Senators coming into the organization, you’re going to need the most experienced person at the wheel to train new senators. I’ve been involved in SGA for 2 years writing legislation, chairing committees, and I am the only candidate with experience lobbying to the Texas Legislature. I’m not about to get up here and tell you that if you elect me all your wildest dreams will come true. I’m not going to name a bunchissues and promise that if I’m elected they’ll be fixed. The President doesn’t do that. That’s the job of the Senate. The President has a different role to play. The President manages the student government, recruits student leaders, and teaches those student leaders about student government. The main task of the President is to execute what the Senate passes regardless of whether the President agrees with it or not. As President, I can effectively communicate what the Senate passes with state and local officials and makes sure that people are listening to what student have to say. It’s your student government. Today you have the chance to shape its future. You can DO IT – Put your VOTE into IT.

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