Speaker encourages education before debating on immigration

Thousands of protesters filled city streets yesterday to protest the proposed bill, which would enforce stricter penalties towards immigrants.

Organizations on Sam Houston State University campus feel it is important to be enlightened on the proposed immigration bill, which would make the U.S. process for citizenship much more difficult.

The campus organization, International Hispanic Association, guest speaker Osiris Santos explained the benefits of advocacy towards the proposed bills.

To be a successful advocate, Santos stressed the importance of being educated and knowing what you are fighting against before going out and taking a stand.

“It is interesting to see how many people are not informed about the bills,” said Santos. “If you are going to fight for a law, do some research and know the pros and cons of a bill and know how it will affect everybody.”

Advocacy influences law makers and as an advocate citizens become the initiators of an act says Santos.

“Pick an issue that you are passionate about,” said Santos.

Santos stressed the importance of fighting for an issue that you are willing to take time out your day for.

Protests impacted Texas, as thousands of protesters demonstrated in Dallas, while thousands more marched in Houston starting from Guadalupe Plaza.

U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee told the “Houston Chronicle” yesterday, “Immigration does not equate terrorism. This is a moment in history for this nation. If Martin Luther King was alive he would be at the head of the line,” as she tied in yesterday’s protests with the civil rights struggles of the 1960’s.

“Once you get a lot of people united, similar to the protests in Houston, and to make an impact, that statement can influence the law,” said Santos.

The senate is currently in recess and will not vote on the proposed bill until the end of April.

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