Blue October releases innovative album

Blue October, a ground-breaking rock band that formed in Houston in the late 90’s, recently released their third full length album entitled “Foiled.”

Two brothers, Justin Furstenfeld, guitarist and lead vocalist, and Jeremy Furstenfeld, drummer and vocalist, started the group with multi-instrumentalist Ryan Delahoussaye. They were later joined by guitarist and vocalist CB Hudson and bassist Matt Noveskey.

The album, which was released on March 14, is clearly on its way to success with the powerful first single, “Hate Me.” The lyrics are as filled with imagery as they are honesty and set the tone for the rest of the album.

“I have to block out thoughts of you so I don’t lose my head. They crawl in like a cockroach, leaving babies in my bed,” the lyrics read.

The songs were written with the intent of providing a look into “what it feels like in my own brain,” Justin Furstenfeld said in a recent Universal Motown Records Group press release.

“Foiled” does not revolve only around despair and delusion, actually providing a lively dance beat with the track, “X Amount of Words.” Another interesting track on the album is “Drill a Wire Through My Cheek,” which explores Justin Furstenfeld’s Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde tendencies. As strange as this may initially sound, the band is very proud of their newest work.

“This really is our best record yet,” Delahoussaye said. “We’re more accomplished in fine-tuning the way we want things to sound and what our mission is.”

The album also has light elements to it, with two uplifting tracks entitled “Everlasting Friend” and “18th Floor Balcony,” one of the album’s only pure love songs.

“That’s the first love song I’ve ever written without doubt,” Justin Furstenfeld said. “At least I know in my head I’m capable of loving. It’s great to know that my heart still works.”

Blue October gained most of its public following without the aid of rock radio. Loyal fan bases that have followed the group for years bought out the band’s shows on the last tour in 2005.

“Our fans really make us what we are,” Jeremy Furstenfeld said. “We have a tight bond with them. Many have become our friends through the years. To see them sing these songs right back at us as we play them is amazing. It blows me away every time.”

It is that connection to fans and their perspectives that makes Blue October so appealing and universally lovable. That was the element that built the group’s popularity, despite their lack of airtime in the first part of their career.

“I love Justin’s lyrics,” Hudson said. “He speaks the truth. It’s all real-life experiences everyone can relate to. Being able to work with someone like that is special. Our music touches people in the heart. I’m really proud of that.”

It was “Calling You,” the band’s first hugely popular single that appeared on their second album “History for Sale,” that got the group the first solid airtime they had ever gotten in their eight year history.

The rest of “History for Sale” highlights the reasons that Blue October gained so much popularity. The other songs make it clear that the group is not just another average rock band but a boldly experimental group. The band writes songs not only about love, but also about suicide, mental depression, drug use, betrayal, forgiveness and cathartic transcendence.

With the release of “Foiled,” Blue October has yet again taken steps toward redefining music through true individuality. Their innovative sound, heartfelt lyrics and bold style truly is something to be proud of.

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