Unwanted guest checks out cash from the University Hotel

The University Hotel served as the scene of a robbery early Tuesday morning as an armed suspect approached the hotel clerk and demanded money.

According to a UPD police report, the suspect entered the hotel brandishing a butcher knife and demanded the clerk give him money from the cash register. Instead of handing over the money, the clerk fled the scene and notified University Police of the situation.

“The clerk called UPD at approximately 2:05 a.m. from an emergency call box located at the university theater,” UPD Captain Kevin Morris said.

While the clerk was gone, Morris said the suspect stole approximately $300 from the cash register and fled the scene. After the call came in, Lt. David Anthony was dispatched to the scene. Police found a surveillance camera located in the hotel had captured the robbery as it unfolded.

“Right now, we’re trying to enhance the video images caught by the surveillance cameras to help us identify the suspect. So far, the video shows just one suspect was involved,” Morris said. “I know at least one camera caught the robbery but there may be more.”

Morris said UPD is now following up on leads and using the eyewitness account of the clerk to investigate the case. Anyone with any information is asked to call UPD at 294-1731 to assist in the investigation.

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