Kat vs. Kat: the Hispanic immigration debacle

In a recent article in the “Houston Chronicle,” by Loren Steffy he states that Americans are addicted to immigrant contributions. That is simply not true.

Mexican and other Latin American immigrants are scabs. They also leach off the John Q. tax payer, and they dumb down our society.

I have interviewed people that have worked in construction jobs, and I can tell anybody first hand that Mexican immigrants work for less than white and black Americans. They have taken hard worker peoples jobs in the United States.

What will happen in construction is there will be a head Mexican. He will hire other Mexicans. The other Mexicans will work for $6 to $8 per hour, or they will work for $75 a day. The “main Mexican” will then earn a decent salary. Mexicans leach off taxpayers. Believe me, they don’t contribute enough in taxes in what they take out. A U.S. citizen cannot get medical care, or he/she has to pay more for insurance just because the Mexican cannot pay for their medical needs.

Many Mexican immigrants cannot read or write English. That dumbs down our education.

We have spent years trying to beef up our education system since integration and here comes the dumb Mexican with his ignorant kids. Bam! They dumb us down.I want illegal Mexican immigrants to be removed from the United States and I want them sent back to thee dump from which they came!

-Cristopher L. Taylor

Land of the free pass?

Rarely in America do we see an issue so strong that it brings out protestors to the streets in droves. The issue of immigration recently brought out hundreds of thousands of people in more than 12 major cities across the United States. Dallas, in perhaps the most unexpected turnout, saw 500,000 fill the streets of downtown, holding signs reading “We Are America” or a host of other slogans.

In keeping with stereotypes, Republicans and Democrats are on opposite ends of the reaction spectrum. The Democrats are embracing the crowds and speaking during the rallies, using messages such as “Walk today- Vote tomorrow.” Republicans have taken the more stringent approach, perhaps due to their self-proclaimed “party of Security” stature.

One of the main arguments on the right is the extra burden on tax payers due to illegal or undocumented immigrants’ use of health, education and social programs. FAIR, Federation for American Immigration Reform, contends the $3.9 billion spent educating illegal immigrants every year in Texas would serve better raising teacher salary or compensating for $2.3 billion shortfall in funds for textbooks and pension payments- a good point, if given little perspective.

At the end of March, the Senate Judiciary Committee approved a bill that would grant illegal immigrants citizenship according to different tiers of categorization, including years they’ve lived in the states and how long they’ve held a job. The bill also includes requirements for illegals to pay $1,000 for being here illegally in the past, as well as other stipulations. This compromise comes after a House-sponsored bill was introduced that would make living in the U.S. illegally a felon, and include punishment for those who aided the new-found felons, even possibly churches giving out aid. Thankfully, that push has been muffled.

Eleven million people is hardly a difficult number for the massive United States to absorb, especially when these groups are contributing positively to the economy-the yardstick used by most leaders to determine how America is doing. The fact is, illegal immigrants make up nearly 12 percent of agricultural workers.

If Americans are worried about losing their jobs, well, quite honestly then the U.S. shouldn’t laud its capitalist principles it so adores. After all, competition should only improve the market, right, forefathers?

A recent CBS news poll, conducted from April 6-9 of this year, found that 74 percent of Americans would allow illegal immigrants who have abided by the afore mentioned duties to stay and work in the United States. So, the people of the country are ok with them, and the economy obviously needs them.

The answer to this debacle lies in prioritization. While FAIR refers specifically to educational funding to make their point, they are missing the overall picture, which is made sobering clear with a look at the federal budget.

Those protestors are making their stance in the best way possible: public displays in a peaceful manner to demand their rights. With so much loss of basic civil rights over the past six years, we legal residents could learn a thing or two. Sounds like they are needed much more than our public leaders care to admit. –Jason Harrison

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