Price check in Huntsville

It is payday. You run anxiously to pick up your check. You have been working really hard and going to school and it is about to pay off. You stand in line, give your I.D. card and then you take a glance at the number: $250. All that work for $500 a month. Once you pay rent, electric, cable and your cell phone bill, you do not have very much left. In round numbers you have a little over $50 left to pay for your food for the rest of the month. How are you going to do that?

With all of the grocery stores in Huntsville, it is difficult to decide which store will really give you the best deal for your dollar. Most of the stores seem to have similar prices, but there are a few inside deals.

Take the shopping list of one student for one month: while this list may vary, there are some necessary items every student needs. In the shopping cart, you find: one head of lettuce, a pound of apples, one loaf of bread, one package of Oscar Mayer brand turkey lunch meat, a two-pack of Hot Pockets, four Tony’s Pizzas, one box of Honey Nut Cheerios, three packages of Pop Tarts, five pounds of ground beef, one gallon of milk, two bags of Doritos, one carton of Blue Bell ice cream, one dozen large eggs and one-30 pack of Bud Light.

There are four main grocery stores and each will give you a different total at the checkout lane.

The first store is Brookshire Brothers located on 11th Street. Each week the store runs Best Buy deals. There are little flags, which show the customers where the deals are. It features a bakery and a fresh deli. The best deal for this week is the 18 large eggs for 88.This week, the total in the shopping cart is $75.02.

HEB, located at 909 S. Sam Houston Avenue, also runs weekly specials. It offers its own discounted brand for consumers. The Hill Country Fair brand often is substantially less than the name brand items. Jose de la Garza enjoys the fresh produce at HEB.

“I love the zucchini, it just tastes better,” Garza said.

The total in HEB is $65.89.

Kroger is also a place for students to buy groceries. This store is located at 1610 I-45 South. Shopper Meagan Goldsmith said, “I shop at Kroger because it is easier than dealing with Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart never has the items that you need stocked and it is a big hassle.” This store runs weekly specials for all people who have Kroger’s Plus cards. The card is free to anyone after filling out some information. Different items are on sale each week. Kroger also has a deal where it doubles or triples coupons from the Sunday newspaper. If you have a coupon for less than a dollar, Kroger may count it up to three times. With all of the bargins this week, the total at Kroger comes to $66.82.

Wal-Mart is perhaps the most well-known store. Students shop there because it is the most convenient. The store runs their own ads and accepts all of their competetor’s ads. Wal-Mart’s slogan is to roll back prices and they will match the lowest prices around. Students can take all of the great deals from all of the other grocery stores and apply them at Wal-Mart. Without this, just regular prices at Wal-Mart come to $62.24.

Although all stores have their deals, when it comes down to it, Wal-Mart is the best deal for your buck.

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