Matching careers to students:

Having trouble choosing the career path best suited for you?

Yesterday, Career Services and the Counseling Center began the four-week career decision-making workshop program “Jump-Start Your Career Search,” from 3:00 p.m. – 4:30 p.m., in the Career Services building, across from King Hall.

Students who are not sure of what major they should choose or what career path is best suited for them, may benefit from such a program by receiving guidance in selecting a career.

During the event, students assessed their values and discovered what was most important to them in searching for their desired career paths.

“It’s hard to find a good job that fits if you do not know yourself,” said Director of Career Services Pam Laughlin. “Values are a very important part of selecting a career, even more so than knowing what your skills are. When values are compromised or not met, that often times is the equation for a miserable job.”

The four-week program started with the values assessment and will continue each Wednesday until the end of the term.

The remaining workshops consist of a personality assessment next week, an interests assessment on May 3 and the last event will be on May 10, which involves developing an effective strategy for choosing the right job.

“Self-assessment is the most important part of the career decision process. Self-assessment includes your values, interests, personality and your skills. All of those are important to know in order to make the proper career decision,” said Counseling Psychologist John O. Charrier. Charrier would like for the students who attend the workshops to leave with a “clear understanding of the career decision making process and developing the skills to make the right career choice.”

Students can still attend the remaining three workshops and are encouraged to attend even if they missed yesterday’s workshop.

For more information on the “Jump-Start Your Career Search” workshops, contact career services at (936) 294-1713.

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