“The Benchwarmers” successfully covers “every area of stupidity”

Napoleon Dynamite has returned, except this time he is an outcast, newspaper boy. There is nothing like type casting right? It seems like he just cannot escape that geeky persona. I must admit, though, that his stupidity is highly entertaining to me, and his role in “Benchwarmers” is no different.

Richie (David Spade) and Clark (Jon Heder) are two nerds who have always had to endure bullying. Through high school they were always too afraid to play sports, especially baseball.

While Clark is on his newspaper rounds, he and Gus (Rob Schneider) are talking when they see a group of little leaguers bullying little Nelson (Max Prado) around, who is the son of Mel (Jon Lovitz) the billionaire. Gus runs over to intervene and then kicks the bullies off of the field. Mel then runs home embarrassed.

Gus figures that they might as well play some baseball while they have the field. Gus tries to teach Richie and Clark a few things, but they had a difficult time trying to hit the ball anywhere. If they remotely nicked the bat, they celebrated.

The little leaguers soon return demanding their field for practice, but Gus challenges them to a scrimmage. The kids go along with it because they figure that they will easily beat them. However, it is Gus that single-handedly wins the game.

Mel finally gets the pleasure of watching this trio beat a whole team of little leaguers, and he comes up with a master plan to end the belittlement of nerds everywhere. He decides to host a tournament and to make the grand prize a brand new stadium. The showdown begins and the trio starts their fight for bullied kids everywhere, but a hidden secret threatens to ruin their chances.

“Benchwarmers” had me laughing throughout the entire film. There was a section of this film that got serious, but they quickly lightened the mood with a joke or two. This film fits into the “so stupid that it is completely hilarious” category. In fact, I think it covered every area of stupidity.

For “Star Wars” lovers, if you see this film, you will fall in love with Mel’s house. I want to let it be a surprise for those of you who want to see it, but I will just warn you that his house is completely amazing. Make sure you pay attention to every little detail.

In the end, I walked out of the theater pleased and trying to remember all of the hilarious one-liners. I would definitely see this film again and eventually own it. Napoleon Dynamite fans should enjoy “Benchwarmers,” along with all of you who like stupid, funny films. I recommend that you all give it a chance.

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