Hung jury: student show opens

Students, parents and faculty gathered at the art department Thursday evening for the 7th Annual Juried Art Show reception.

Everyone congregated inside the Gaddis Geelsin Gallery at 5p.m. to view the students’ artwork and enjoy some free refreshments.

Forty-four pieces of artwork from paintings to photographs to animations were exhibited in the gallery’s main room and media room.

At 6 p.m. everyone was asked to migrate to the auditorium in Art Building E for the scholarship and awards ceremony.

Scholarship and endowment winners included: Daniel McFarlene, Jennifer Guest, Nicholas Carranza, Katy Scherler, Sarah Miller, Nicolas McIntyre, Mario Balderas, Katy Harris, Emily Peacock and Sam Sullivan.

Guest’s award winning piece “Hair Pie” is an oil painting of a rolling landscape with hairpieces and one large pie of hair framed in a floral border.

Scholarship winner Sarah Miller displayed her printmaking ability in her pieces “The Falcon Keeper” & “Beetle Bug Collection.” Miller’s “Beetle Bug Collection” consists of a deep frame with six detailed drawings of beetles pinned down inside like a true beetle collector.

Photography scholarship winner Mario Balderas exhibited his silver gelatin print “3 Windows,” a photograph of an old brick building with three windows beaming with light.

Houston artist Francesca Fuchs was this year’s Annual Juried Art Show juror. Fuchs was asked to choose the best artwork displayed in each category.

Best 2D artwork was awarded to Daniel McFarlane for his acrylic painting “Social Distorshon” and 2D honorable mention went to Jennifer Guest for her piece “Hair Pie.”

Emily Peacock won Best 3D work for her piece “Morality is Served.”

Peacock’s mixed media piece was a dinner plate with a Polaroid emulsion transfer of a deceased dog placed in the middle.

Best Photo work was presented to Stacie Farrell for her silver gelatin print “At 2 (no.1),” a photograph of a child’s legs and shoes.

Courtney Lewellen won Best Animation with “Warped II.” Honorable mention in this category went to Cole Carter & friends.

And Best of Show went to Sam Sullivan for “Sad Summer.” Sullivan’s stitch on canvas has small trees with a large green rectangle with a hint of orange.

Other galleries around the art department were also exhibiting student artwork Thursday evening. The “Rejected: A Student Art Show” had the walls of painting room 120 were overflowing from top to bottom with students’ work that was rejected by the Juried Art Show.

Coordinator of the rejected show art student Leah Fecteau said, “We had an amazing turn out, I’d just like to thank everyone who was involved.”

Scholarship winner Balderas said, “The rejected show easily out shines the juried show; it just has more personality!”

The Sofa Gallery was also on display Thursday evening with the artwork of senior art students Andrea Ward and Ashley Jackson. The walls of ceramics building were packed with photographs and drawings as well.

The juried show will be on display until April 27 and the next show will be the graduating senior show on May 8. The reception will follow graduation on May 13.

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