Illegal immigration remix

It’s very easy for a young college student to arrogantly state that “If Americans are worried about losing their jobs [to illegal immigrants], well, quite honestly then the U.S. shouldn’t laud its capitalist principles it so adores.”

Aside from the general ridiculousness of that comment, his subsequent education will almost assuredly guarantee that he will never have to compete with an illegal immigrant for a job. The situation is likely a bit harder to swallow I imagine for a less fortunate 30s-40s American with a family to support — that didn’t have the opportunities growing up that Jason Harrison had, and as such will never have the luxury of citing a college degree on his resume — to suddenly be called into the office one day of his manual labor job and be told that, even though he has been with the company for 10-15 years, unless he is now willing to accept a drastic reduction in pay, his job will be given to a foreigner who is in the country illegally.

I think that each and every one of the illegal immigrants should be deported, because they’re in the country “illegally.” However, I am nevertheless forced to acknowledge that A: such a mass deportation effort would likely be impossible, and B: even an attempt at it would without a doubt create an unacceptable police-state type atmosphere that no sane politician would ever be willing to attach his name to. Thus, I must begrudgingly concede the fact that we are likely stuck with the vast majority of them forever.

That said though, I do believe its high time we finally undertook a radical and serious effort to get control of our bleeding Southern border.

Am I suggesting that I believe we can totally eliminate ALL illegal immigration into this country? Of course not, I do acknowledge that the push-pull incentive will still very much exist and a few of them will still find a way to get in no matter what we do. Nevertheless, I do believe that with a massive increase in the number of agents on the ground, more physical barriers in some areas, and by using surveillance technology we could easy get the number of people entering this country illegally per year out of the millions.

Moreover I do believe that we are very much living on barrowed time, if history has taught us anything, it’s that no group of people will ever put up with being exploited forever. Sooner or later these immigrants are going to j unionize and begin demanding fair wages and safe working conditions, and once that happens, all of the fruits we are currently dining on in regards to cheap labor are suddenly going to evaporate. Leaving us then with nothing more on our plate than a giant mass of isolated, largely undereducated and impoverished people, who don’t even speak our language; and that’s a problem for which we as a society are going to one day have to deal with.

–Joey Ragland

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