Love, Bearkat style

J: Seeing the people that have communication problems in relationships, I am brought to the topic of those problems. Why when we get into a fight you feel that it is okay not to call for three days? And when I call, you get upset?

W: I just want to give you your space. Trust me, it’s hard NOT to call you. I scroll to your name, and it gets harder and harder every time to NOT call you. Usually we are still upset from the fight from earlier. Here is a little secret you should know: Men are wusses. We usually cave first, and it’s because we care.

J: Communication is one of life’s confusing subjects. When do I call? When is calling too much a bother? Why did I say that? All of these are questions that everyone in any sort of relationship struggles with. But if you cannot understand what I want and I have to hint around at it too much then it’s not even worth it. Even sports have those problems. If the quarterback doesn’t tell the receiver that he is throwing the “two left, right side, all out punch Hail Mary,” then the receiver will not understand where to go. In volleyball if two people going for the same ball don’t call who is going to get it, they run into each other. I don’t understand why people have such a hard time really telling the other person how they feel.

W: It’s hard! Not everyone can easily express his or her feelings. Usually it takes time, and once they get comfortable you will communicate easier.

J: But at the same time, I cannot express how I feel because you don’t let me know how you feel about certain things. If you never ask me out then I think you don’t like me. Even if you ask me to lunch every time you see me in the hallway after history class. Ask me to dinner a couple days beforehand.

W: See, there was a breakdown in communication and now I know. I know that you want to hear from us a couple days in advance, so we will do that. I didn’t know that you wanted us to give you a heads up, but take note men: The ladies like knowing that they have plans on a certain night in advance.

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