“Scary Movie 4” maintains humor

The fourth installment of the “Scary Movie” series has finally hit the big screen. Known for its horror film parodies, “Scary Movie 4” is no different from the rest. This time around, they spoofed “Saw,” “War of the Worlds,” “The Grudge” and “The Village.” However, I was left with mixed emotions once the closing credits began to roll.

Cindy Campbell (Anna Faris) has returned again but is left to discover that she now works in a haunted house with some strange boy talking in “Japanese” to her. She is also caring for some mute lady who seems to have more problems than Cindy even notices.

Right next door to her is Tom Ryan (Craig Bierko). He has exhausted his luck long ago, and it is now his weekend to watch his two kids from his divorce stricken marriage.

Well, before you know it, Tom and Cindy hit it off and quickly become more than just friends. In the middle of one of their romantic moments, a storm suddenly picks up and hits the town hard. Just like any super hero, Tom runs toward the impact area of the storm.

There he finds a huge whole from the lightening that the storm produced. Suddenly, the ground beneath them begins to break and a massive Tr-iPod comes out of the ground. It does not take him long to conclude that the huge Tr-iPod and aliens are attacking the earth.

Cindy said that the mysterious boy inside the house told her how to defeat them, so she has to go and find the missing link. Cindy and Tom go their separate ways but promise to reunite. He takes he kids and searches for a safe haven somewhere close by.

The aliens attack without mercy and continue to take innocent victims. Can Cindy and Tom solve the mystery and send the aliens packing or is it too late? Well, it may not be too late for them, but the aliens have already started to torture people such as Shaq and Dr. Phil.

“Scary Movie 4” was entertaining and it had its fair share of laughs and one-liners. Yet in the end, I was not all that impressed. It was more obscene that I thought it needed to be but it was not unbearable. I am sure that I would watch this film again but it is not even remotely a new favorite. If this film was not a part of the “Scary Movie” series, it would fade away and quickly be forgotten.

If you have seen the rest of the “Scary Movies,” then you’ll most likely enjoy this film. Just take it at face value and laugh along. It will keep you entertained.

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