Student involvement is now in session

No scantrons or pencils are required as SGA now has a Blackboard class on Sam Houston State University student’s Blackboard accounts, maximizing the lines of communication between students and the student body government.

“SGA for a long time has gotten complaints about students not knowing what was going on with student government,” said recently elected student body president, Chris Whitaker.

SGA noticed that most students use Blackboard and asked Computer Services to create an SGA course enabling better interaction between SGA and students on campus.

The communication that SGA now has with students is unprecedented and marks the first time SGA has been able to reach every single student in a direct manner, according to Whitaker.

“We can post announcements on Blackboard, events that Program Council is doing and important issues that come up with the student government,” said Whitaker.

Students have the opportunity to post opinions, ideas about issues on campus and should expect a response with an issue within a few days from an SGA senator.

“We also have a discussion board, and if any student has a question or an issue, they can go on the discussion board and start a thread about it, and we can discuss it online,” said Whitaker.

SGA hopes to post SGA officers and senator’s information.

“Eventually we’ll have all the officers, and senator’s information, not only do you know who we are, but you can also get a hold of us and receive instant feedback,” said Whitaker.

For more information on the SGA Blackboard class, call (936) 294-1938.

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