Bush’s latest investigation giving Texans other options

As of right now, there is a wave of controversy surrounding Reggie Bush and his draft status. Should the Texans take him? They would be dumb not to.

Bush has exceeded all expectations of him set by draft insiders. His forty time was faster then originally thought, his bench-press was phenomenal and his intangibles are through the roof. The Texans must make him their first pick.

He is the next Barry Sanders.

While browsing through the Houston Chronicle this past weekend, I couldn’t help but stumble upon the full page open letter written by a Texan fan directed to the ownership of the Texans. The gist of the letter concerned the Texans using their draft pick to take Vince Young. The writer went on to say how he would be hailed as a hometown hero and how in the Rose Bowl he brought the entire country together with his exceptional play.

Apparently, the city of Houston needs Vince Young.

My advice? Take Reggie Bush and don’t look back. In Bush, you have a proven back, (something the Texans are lacking) and someone who is capable of breaking open a game with at least four plays per game (something else the Texans are lacking).

With Vince Young there are still question marks. His speed and strength came under question and there is always the debate of the awkward throwing motion.

Then, there is the Wunderlik. After the scoring was adjusted, he faired better. But the point is this: Vince Young ran a 4.59 forty and could not throw the ball more then 50 yards down field. In comparison, Reggie McNeal ran a 4.29 forty and can heave the ball an incredible 70 yards before he puts some serious effort into it. The difference? Vince won a national title on a world stage.

Now, I’m not writing this because I want to “bash” the city of Houston. I’m writing this because Reggie Bush is your pick. He looks like Barry Sanders. And I would know because I don’t know if you knew this, I am from Detroit. Take Reggie Bush. You have David Carr, someone who I still think can be a very capable quarterback in the NFL. Use your later draft picks to rebuild your defense and offensive line but take Bush first.

And if you think I am saying this to distract you from taking Young with the hope that he somehow falls to the Lions at the ninth pick, you are only partially right.

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