AAI to offer and promote alcohol free summer activities

Whether taking classes over the summer, studying abroad or just taking some time off, students at Sam Houston State University will definitely have some fun in the sun over the summer. The Alcohol Abuse Initiative will be hosting a two-day event in entitled “Students for Alcohol Summer Safety,” in LSC mall area on May 2-3 from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

“Summertime activities often involve parties at the beach, boating and jet skiing at the lake,” said SHC programming coordinator Michelle Lovering. “These activities are a great way to relax but can be dangerous when mixed with alcohol and the Texas heat,” she said.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), alcohol use is involved in roughly 25-50 percent of adolescent and adult deaths associated with water recreation.

“Some students will just hang out at the pool, but even a casual day in the sun with alcohol can be potentially dangerous,” said Lovering. “Sun exposure and heat can intensify alcohol’s effects on balance, coordination and even judgment.”

Activities will include a beach ball scavenger hunt and a “Beer-Goggle-Bump, Set, Spike” game with beach balls and beer goggles.

Students who complete activities can enjoy free snacks provided by the AAI and enjoy a non-alcoholic “Safe Sex on the Beach” beverage. This program will wrap up this semester’s S.W.A.A.T. schedule. Students who have their S.W.A.A.T. cards should bring them in order to receive their next S.W.A.A.T prize.

For more information, contact Michelle Lovering at (936) 294-4347 or visit online at http://www.shsu.edu/aai.

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