Brian’s Song

When writing an emotional farewell column, one question pops up in your mind. Who do I thank first: Jesus or Brad Sheffield? Those two aside, here are the people that I would like to thank that have shaped the person I am: To everyone who put up with my rants in the office, I thank you. You are truly some of the world’s most patient people when it comes to me. I am completely anal and adjust everything up until the last second and well, you know.

To the teachers along the way. They don’t get their due credit, and it angers me. Because every once in a while, you meet someone who disagrees with you and challenges you. Those are the teachers of history’s brightest minds. From all of us, thank you; more then we could ever say.

To my parents, who, against their best efforts, are a bottomless pit of money.

To Scott and Michael, you two beat up on me entirely too much as we grew up and don’t think I have forgotten. You never know, I may become a very powerful man one day.

To GP, the reason I smile everyday. You are without a doubt, my hero.

To Bruce Springsteen, a man I’ve never met. I remember crying my eyes out the first time I listened to “New York City Serenade.” You saved my life.

To Russ and John, two of my best friends. It amazes me that we three are successful in life, considering the fact that we were total losers throughout high school.

To the sports guys at the Huntsville Item. Thank you for showing me the ropes.

To the SHSU coaching staff. Thank you for putting up with another punk-kid who asked some pretty ridiculous questions.

To JM. I don’t even know how to describe my thoughts for you. It seems like every time I’m near the edge, you are the one that pulls me back. You are a wonderful person, never doubt yourself.

To everyone that I’ve worked with at the TV and radio station. I’m a bit of an odd cookie, but the fact that you allowed me to broaden my horizons has shaped who I am today.

To the city of Detroit. If it weren’t for you, I doubt I would be passionate about anything.

If I forgot about you, I am sorry. Just remind me that you kicked my butt once in a while, and I will always be eternally grateful. Thanks again, see you on the other side.

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