Graduating staff says farewell to The Houstonian

So this is my farewell letter; okay so that’s a stupid lead-in. I have been in enough classes to know this would be a “B” letter, but I don’t care. The point of this letter is to say goodbye to some people I will miss very much and to some I won’t miss so much but deserve a thank-you. Greg, Kimmy, Ramonia, Allison & Joey – THANKS (we’re on a first name basis). I want to thank the advertising staff who never gets enough attention in these goodbye letters. This includes, (in alphabetical order) Kristle Castillo, James Cioni, Kevin Honza, Elvira Marin and Jennie Sewell. I know Kristle will embarrass me next semester when she does a much better job than me. I want to especially thank Elvira, she has been my right hand and sometimes my left hand too. She is my favorite person, especially when she is sauced. And even though I thought of a million humiliating stories and pictures about Shawn that I could share, I decided instead to use them as blackmail. So until he stops paying I won’t say anything about him. I will thank him for helping me get fat and introducing a new term to the my vernacular – “Senior 15.” Way to ruin my life Shawn. I would also like to thank the newspaper staff, beginning with Evan. Our arguments always end with curse words, most of which he doesn’t hear me muttering under my breath, but it has been a real experience working with him. I will always appreciate the fact that he knows way more than me about useless information, especially when I am writing a report. More thanks to the editors who always have to wait on me so they can start working, like Kristin, Kenny & Jamaal. I will miss all everyone who hangs out in office for no reason, especially the ex-Houstonain staff members (why do you come back?): Melly, Nick, Bradley, James, Axel, Kelly & Kristi. Many thanks are owed to the faculty and staff, which really support The Houstonian. Thanks to Mr. Blackman for being a great adviser and Dr. Bridges and Gustie for contributing a lot of time to The Houstonian. The cleaning staff has also always faced a challenge when it comes to the office, so I would like to thank them for keeping us from being major slobs. I also want to thank a very special family in Huntsville for always making me feel at home in their house. I love them very much and will miss them terribly. I initially wrote the thank you section for my parents in Spanish, but I decided I want everyone to know that I am thanking them. They have made countless sacrifices for me and I want to thank them for making my life possible. Muchas gracias mami y papi, los quiero mucho. I also want to let my family know, all 700 hundred members, that they’re okay. Just kidding, they’re great. I hate, mean love, ya’ll. Thanks Kristen & Courtney for editing my letter so late at night. Now since I have thanked everyone that I can think of, I am sure I will wake up in a panic remembering the one person I should have thanked and didn’t, but hey I had a word limit. Don’t forget to support the advertisers who make the paper possible.

– Nancy HernandezBusiness Manager

Nancy invited me to be production manager after I e-mailed her with offers of help on the first issue. She has always been a second opinion on any decision I made regarding this paper and staff, even when her advice wasn’t requested. Nancy, never change. – The Editor

So instead of beating around the bush with a summary of my fun time at The Houstonian, I am just going to go right into the thank you’s. So HA! I win!Eric Barton: My pal who gave me the best memories at the paper ever! When you work with a guy like Eric you have to wonder if you are really working at all… we didn’t really work actually. If at a moments notice you want to turn crap* into gold or have people ask about you because “people know you” call Barton.Randy Goins: I know both these guys are long gone, but they corrupted me more than Michael Jackson could have… Thanks for desensitizing any sexual harassment advances. I am no longer offended by anyone. And I SHOULD have mailed it to the Marx Brothers.Nancy Hernandez: My crazy Mexican friend how I will miss you! Because of you I have to walk on the side walk!!! I love you and am so happy to have spent this past year becoming your friend. Remember there is no “I” in team BUT there is an “I” in pie, in meat pie… in meat is the anagram of team… HOT LADIES!!!Kelly Jakubowski: My dear Kelly, I will miss our Monday Kelly lunches and our talks about odd subjects. I will always remember the Absinth night, the Halloween party and your little pouch! You are such a great friend. Just remember, Think Kelly Late Night!Kristi Brown: While I think I never actually worked with you side by side, we always had some connection. I only wear skirts for you! I loved our wine night and you are the only sorority girl I can respect and love all at once. Once you beat that Emo game call me!!!Brad Sheffield: Le la Biblia en la biblioteca! I hope you have fun up north Brad. I can’t wait till August when I see you tie the knot and start your awesome life away from this silly place. I will miss your Spanish conversations, and your silly wit. Ay Dios MIO!Nick Cenegy: Get a phone because I am getting tired of looking for you, or being asked if I’ve seen you around, or having Shawn tell me to get on AIM. I hate you! I am going to miss my classy friend and his musical musings. Don’t forget that cheap Mexican labor is always more productive than well, you. I will miss you Paul and all of your not so sly remarks. Hobbit HOP!Jennifer Westerman: The friendliest face at the office! I remember a fun dream I had with a crazy person and I think you were involved somehow 😉 I love you girl and if you divorce me I will cry so much that only a bird story will cheer me up! Apples & Apples!!!Shawn Farrell: Alright Kick Boxer Maniac here is the truth… Jack Bauer NEVER DIES! If you ever stop doing the infamous “Holla” then you need to die. Why you always had a smile on your face is beyond me. I hope you learn not to moan when you eat, and to stop taking awkward pictures of yourself… I miss you already Shawn and I am going to keep throwing plastic animals at you until school is out.Kristin Edwards: My lovely friend! We are more than friends, we are Jared Leto Sisters!!! Jared Leto, Jared Leto, Jared LETO! While you think you may not have changed over the time we have known each other, but you are even more awesome, even more sweet, even more the Kristin I love! Let’s try to find Aiden again and see if we can totally party it up!Melly Garza: My bestest friend in the whole world. I couldn’t have survived this long at the paper without your constant post-it notes, phone messages and silly visits. I love you lots and won’t miss you cause we are hanging out later, HA! I hope you always remember the fun days at the paper, sitting and listening to the staff. It was an experience to say the least. Sweet, sweet Melly. Blind leading the blind.I would love to continue the list but alas, 600 words are coming to an end. Thank you to all of the staff for making my time at The Houstonian and at Sam Houston State so amazing. Thank you to: Evan (a.k.a. smarty pants), Kristen & Courtney, Kenny, Jamaal, Kevin, James K., James C., Crystal, Michelle, Rachel and Chase. To my wonderful professors: Dr. Fullerton, Ms. Zeigler and Mr. Blackman: thank you for everything. Muchas gracias! Fin

– Elvira MarinProduction Manager

Elvira brings a smiling face to any situation. She leaves a plastic animal war zone in her wake and always calls me on my mistakes. I wish you the best in life and hope you always keep to her values; they make you special. You will be missed. – The Editor

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