New Taking Back Sunday album “remarkable”

Taking Back Sunday has finally released their much anticipated third album, “Louder Now.” Being a huge fan for a while now, I was expecting this album to be even better than the first two. I have one word to say about “Louder Now:” amazing.

For those of you who do not know much about Taking Back Sunday, they are a five piece band from Amityville, New York. They first appeared back in 2001 with their self-titled EP, but they did not receive much attention or build a fan base. This caused them to make some changes in their line up, but shortly after, they released their first album, “Tell All Your Friends,” in March of 2002. This album, along with the single “Cute Without the ‘E’ (Cut from the Team),” gave them their first look at success.

Although some band members went their own way, new ones joined. They continued to produce excellent music and came out with their second album, “Where You Want to Be,” in July of 2004. The single “A Decade Under the Influence” quickly rose to number three on the charts. In fact, the entire year of 2004 proved to be quite successful for Taking Back Sunday. They were opening for bands such as Blink-182 and headlining for Vans Warped Tour.

This brings the band to the release of their third album, “Louder Now.” As I have already said, I absolutely loved every single song on the album. I was hoping it would not be disappointing, and it was far from that. Each song just has a way of captivating its listener. I honestly feel like I could play the entire CD over and over again without getting tired of it.

Previous to the release of “Louder Now,” they released their new single “MakeDamnSure.” This song is extremely catchy and it only made fans everywhere began to crave for more Taking Back Sunday. This song did an excellent job at setting anticipations and expectations for the new album very high.

Although Taking Back Sunday has gone through some tough transitional phases, I can definitely say that they have came through on top. They only keep amazing me with each new album and keep me looking forward to even more new music from them.

On July 15, Taking Back Sunday will be performing at the Reliant Arena in Houston. I am looking forward to this concert because I have heard that they are incredible live.

If you have not already bought “Louder Now,” I highly suggest it. The entire album is remarkable, and it is hard to fully describe how good it really is. I guess it is just something that you have to hear for yourself.

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