Rugby team offers chance to buy a man

The Sam Houston State University Men’s Club Rugby Team ditched the standard of selling items to raise funds when they auctioned off their own team members to the highest bidders.

Margarita’s Restaurant was transformed into an auction block for their fundraising event last Thursday, when 12 rugby members were sold for prices as high as $100.

The idea for the auction came from kinesiology major Nick Wilson who had to come up with an idea for a fundraiser for one of his sports classes. With the help of his group members, Wilson devised a plan to sell his fellow rugby team members to raise money for the team.

“I think it went well,” said Wilson. “It was the first time I ever organized something like that.”

Over $400 was raised from the auctioned off rugby players, with the prices of each player ranging from $5 to $100.

“One guy even went for $100,” said Wilson.

The buyers of the players were friends, girlfriends and generally anyone in the restaurant from 7:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. who wanted to buy a team member.

After being purchased, each rugby player was obligated to spend an official 24 hours with their buyer. Most of the players and buyers just hung out after the auction.

Sophomore Christopher Gibbs was bought by junior Rae Castillo for $10. He has yet to serve his obligation to her. Castillo also bought Daniel Roesner for $5.

“I am going to make Scottie [Christopher Gibbs] barbeque for me and Daniel host my end of school party,” said Castillo.

Senior Yuga Kurihara was the lucky fellow who was purchased for $100. His friend Heidi was given the money by his boss to buy him.

“Well, I guess I was unique,” said Kurihara. “I was the only Asian and I guess people have different tastes. I was also the last one to be sold.”

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