Stonewall raises eyebrows and funds with its second annual drag show

The Stonewall Kats, Sam Houston State University’s gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and straight organization, presented their 2nd annual Out Loud! Drag Show last night in conjunction with the AIDS Foundation Houston.

The males and even a female dressed up in drag and gave the audience something to talk about to raise awareness and funds for HIV and AIDS.

“Last year we were really taking a risk, we didn’t know how the audience was going to respond,” said performer Aaron Stewart. “This year I think it was entertaining, fun and very loud.”

The night began with a song and dance from CJ Maciejeski, who performed “Fever” by Peggy Lee and was followed by President of Stonewall Kats, Jarod Carpenter. He donned shinny dresses, big wigs and even bigger breasts to perform Dolly Parton’s “No. 5” and later Reba McIntyre’s “Little Rock.”

Aaron Stewart seemed to be a favorite among audience members when he performed “Colors of the Wind” from Pocahontas, “Vogue” by Madonna and “La Tortura” by Shakira. Stewart used many props in his Pocahontas performance as he “ran through the woods” singing. In “La Tortura” he donned a skimpy outfit and belly danced like Shakira.

“Aaron Stewart as Shakira was the best” said junior Eldy Roca.

His dance moves and costume was well received in his Vogue performance, but he had a slight ‘wardrobe malfunction.’ Towards the end of his performance, his pants split not only in the front but in the back as well. The event was unplanned but he improvised with an offstage prop. The audience went wild with laughter.

“I knew my pants were tight to begin with and I didn’t think I was going to do the drop split, but when I did my pants split,” said Stewart. “I tried playing it off and I think I did a fair job.”

Christina Aguilera’s “Fighter” and Britney Spears’ “Hit Me One More Time” were also performed and the show even featured a female cross-dressing as a female to perform Savage Garden’s “I Want You.”

Even SGA President-Elect Christopher Whitaker joined in on the festivities and dressed up in a skirt and wore fake breasts to help transition the acts.

“My fianc is going to love this,” he said.

The Grand Finale of the show was “Lady Marmalade” and featured CJ Maciejeski, Jarod Carpenter, Aaron Stewart and others in a spirited performance. The men were dressed in women’s lingerie and utilized a couch for their sexy poses.

By the end of the night, the Stonewall Kats managed to raise over $280 for AIDS and HIV by donations from the audience.

“Last year we made $240,” said CJ Maciejeski. “My biggest goal this year was to break that and make at least $300. If you get over $250 you get a plaque and I think that would be a good thing for the organization.”

The Stonewall Kats is just one SHSU organization on campus trying to raise money for charity. Its Out Loud! Drag show proved to be very successful in raising money for the AIDS Foundation and awareness for the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender population on campus.

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