Two parking lots short

The university can expect to lose three parking lots this upcoming year when building plans called for lots instead of land for the location of new buildings. The faculty lot in between the Frels-Wilson Complex, the faculty lot north of the Vick house and a lot that may become the location of a new Performing Arts Building will be discarded due to new construction projects as early as November according to the Director of Public Relations, Frank Krystyniak.

The faculty parking lot in between the Frels-Wilson complex will be removed along with the buildings to allow for the expansion of the new student mall area. According to Krystyniak, this parking lot will be the first to be replaced and will be unavailable by the end of November.

The lot north of the Vick house is to be replaced by Academic Building V, a $30 million construction project approved by the Texas State University System Board of Regents last May. The schedule for construction has not been started yet, but Krystyniak said the lot will not be available for use in late spring.

Another parking lot may be lost due to a new Performing Arts Center, which is still in the works. If the building is approved, Krystyniak said that construction would probably start in the fall of 2007 and a parking lot will be lost to the project. Although according to Krystyniak, “no decisions [regarding the building schedule] have been made.”

Even though the university may lose the lots this year, Physical Plant Director John McCrosky said that more parking lot locations are discussed when buildings replace them. “We try to plan for things,” said McCrosky, “We always try to come up with space for additional parking lots.”

Krystyniak said that although the school is aware that there is a “limited amount of space on campus,” the student parking ratio and student to faculty parking ratio is always taken into consideration.

With the loss of at least three parking lots in the upcoming year, students and faculty may have even more trouble with parking than they did on the first day of school.

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