Beerfest gives a taste of the truest pilsner

The recent release of the comedy “Beerfest” raises the question, is this film a comic masterpiece or a flop that dragged on way too long?

Broken Lizard, the comedic group that created the memorable comedy ‘Super Troopers,’ is back and ready to show off their newest film.’Beerfest,’ pays homage to beer drinkers everywhere.

‘Beerfest’ is about two brothers Jan (Paul Soter) and Todd Wolfhouse (Erik Stolhanske), who are both members Broken Lizard, travel to Oktober Fest in Munich, Germany to spread the ashes of their recently deceased grandpa.While there, they discover a secret underground beer drinking festival called Beerfest.After being introduced to their evil German cousins, the honor of their grandpa and great grandma is insulted by their long lost relatives.In order to defend their family name, the two brothers challenge the Germans to a beer-drinking contest where they are humiliated even further when the Germans drink them under the table. They decide to put together a team and return to Beerfest in the following year to compete for their family’sreputation.While the movie manages to poke fun at stereotypes of almost every nationality, it is far too outrageous to be considered offensive.

Although many critics bashed it throughout their reviews and called the film childish and offensive, I found the movie to be wildly humorous and definitely a movie that can be watched over and over.

‘Beerfest’ contains nudity and adult language and may be construed as lewd, the audience continued to laugh the entire film; the college crowd is sure to love it.

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