Got neon?

Bar signs aren’t just for bars anymore. Those who own these beacons of advertisement prove this by proudly featuring them in their personal bars, homes and outdoor patios. Just as perplexing and humorous as these neon signs are, where to find them and how much they cost are among the many questions by students who are interested in owning one.

The neighboring city of Houston hosts a number of stores specializing in selling and creating these custom bar signs for an assortment of prices. Luminescent signs can even be purchased from Internet venues such as eBay.

EBay is one of the easier ways of acquiring these luminous bar signs. A quick search for “bar signs” on their main page brings up over 6,000 items alone. Most of the bids are in their preliminary stages at $0.01 but usually end up anywhere from $20 to $300. This price is rather misleading without acknowledging the steep shipping charges for most purchases though.

The Neon Gallery is just one store in Houston that sells a variety of luminescent signs. Located at 1416 W. Alabama, the Neon Gallery specializes in

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